Sports League from Past ‘til Future

The world of sports offers an unending thrill and excitement to all people from different walks of life. To make things even better, there is now one big sports league that offers tournaments and seasons throughout the world for all adults. Are you getting more excited to join?

The Sports League that is Just for You

American National Sports League is the first worldwide sports league to offer tournaments and seasons for sports like football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, kickball, and softball but exclusively to adults only.For all men and women alike, eighteen years old and up, we, at ANSL offer the highest cash prizes for all winners of each recreational sport, from state and regional wins to championship. Moreover, we are proud to present that ANSL is the only adult recreational sports league that offers a broadcasting network hosting an exclusive sports show inclusive of our ANSL players only.

We believe that the client, that is, YOU, is the one who deserves the best services and offers as well as priority when it comes to the adult sports world. Hence, we ensure that ANSL players must have the greatest experience in the sports they love through engaging our featured games to a variety of exposures from the media.

Our offered sports are ball games that men and women as well as kids love. The development of ANSL in the field of sports has allowed us to open new exciting features for your whole family to enjoy like the lacrosse which is now offered to your young adults. And we have all Men leagues and also all Women and Co-ed leagues.

We, at ANSL pride ourselves on being the future of Recreational Sports. And if truth be told WE areindeed the future.

Get the Best Fun You’ll Only Experience at ANSL

Being able to play on a sport of your passion is a stimulating activity. What’s more when you are offered with more exciting features? For doing what you love the most, you’ll never go out of ANSL again, forwe give you the chance to actually achieve the total fun you can only imagine.

​The Prizing

When it comes to competitions, aside from the exhilarating feeling while playing, what players love the most and give you more encouragements is the reward prize that you would get when you win. Hence, at ANSL, the prizes range from $2,000 for the winning team state wide and can go as high as $5,000 regional wide. Our highest prize is 50,000 for the world champions. With these range of prizes, we encourage sports enthusiasts like you to follow your passions in life or even participate in tournaments.


It is our mission in ANSL to provide great experience and learning to our players. We have analyst whocommentates the games, review highlights and interview players on and off the field. When it’s off the field, broadcasting will be in our own network, titled PAC Studios located in Atlanta Georgia in Gwannete County. What makes our offered feature unique and very helpful in this field of sports is that, comments and critics actually boost and help the total development of the players’ skills. Broadcasting is just the key in ensuring that players do not only play or win but learn about new things to help them become experts in their lines of interests, too.

​The Offered Sports

Over the course of time, ball games have come out to be among man’s favorite recreational activities.Even those who don’t have the innate skill to play are also caught up in the thrill these ball sports evoke.Hence, we offer sports that are known far and wide across the globe and at the same time are very sellable to the worldwide audience. Listed below are our offered sports.

•Flag football
•Lacrosse – the only sport offered for young adults since it’s a larger market for kids and is stillbuilding steam for adults. Hence, the age requirements are 12 – 17 for the young adults, then18-up.
•Softball ​
Team Building

Forming teams can be easy if the players already have their own team before joining our offered competitions. Nevertheless, those who really want to play can find their own teams right from us. Thus, teams can sign up as a group or you can choose to sign up as free agent. This way, we can offer online draft days for players in the area to be picked up by teams that need players. So there is always a way foryour team to pick up people if you happen to be short in players. We have already allocated data on players such as the 40 yard dash times, broad jump etc. This helps potential teams to know easily who they are picking up.

​The Media Exposure

Those who actually do and follow their passions particularly in sports, be it basketball, football, or any other recreational sports are found to be excellent in their choice of avocation. And this is what motivatesus at ANSL to actually share the inspiring enthusiasm that players prove in their performances. Hence, weensure to have these sports enthusiasts to be exposed through a variety of media forms.

Our channel on YouTube is ANSL Sports offering several sports shows such as the PlayAction, PlayAction ALL ACCESS, X’s&O’s, and INTHEZONE.

•PLAYACTION – This is like the flagship show.
•INTHEZONE – This features just quick highlights of our game events.
•X’s&O’s – This is for guys unwinding and just having guy talks about their league with somebeers.
•ALL ACCESS – This offers interviews with players and the likes.
ANSL and You

Man is gifted with innate abilities that he only needs to fulfill his dreams by actually making his interests his guidance. And some people are born to be athletes. Therefore, it is in his destiny to actually meet ANSL to help him achieve his dream and that is to become great players. As the saying goes, “Live life to the fullest”. Hence, remove all your inhibitions and sign up at our ANSL account now and enjoy your life. Your passion will get you to where you belong. And if that is to be a champion, we are at your side with complete support in your chosen field plus bonus packages of prize rewards.

Anymore questions? Feel free to learn more about us by liking our Facebook fan page at Facebook.com/anslsports. Their’s a link to signup to our email list there. Be sure to signup to stay informed step by step, on all ANSL Sports endeavors.

Latest Events

The Crucible 2015 $10,000 Prize

We are excited to announce that American National Sports League has our upcoming tournament in our highly anticipated annual The Crucible Tournament, featuring Flag Football, Soccer, Softball and Kickball that will span over the course of four months beginning this August and will consist of four rounds. We have both men's and women's divisions for this incredible event so mark your calendars and start gathering your team today! You have until March to get your teams together so don't wait! If you would like to walk on as a free agent and be put on a team then that's okay as well. Either way, registration is just around the corner, coming this March so start making plans now! With this tournament, in each of the four rounds, teams have a chance at winning $2,000 cash. For each game that is won, the winning team will get a total of 30 points and losing teams will get 10 points each. No shows or disqualification from a game will result in zero points. The overall winner will be decided based on whichever teams have the most accumulated points. The winners will also get custom made prizes to outline their accomplishments with the most prestigious sports league in athletics! We are having sports analysts host this spectacular event as well as a full camera crew as we will be broadcasting all games live once again this year. The countdown is now ticking! Get ready! It will be here before you know it and this is something you will definitely NOT want to miss! We are Americas Best New Sports Tournament. Under the umbrella of the Best New Sports league in America. The American National Sports League. Join now!!!